Sunday, November 22, 2015

Plano Model 620130 One Tray Tackle Box Review

I hope my search for a small, sturdy toolbox with a genuinely reliable latch is over, now that I've found the Plano One Tray Box. But first, let me ask you a question. What's just about the worst-case scenario a handyman can have with his toolbox? Right. He picks it up by the handle, the latch slips open, and the entire set of tools, sockets, screws, and so on spills out all over the ground--or maybe even into the mud or water.

Having said this, what is the worst designed, weakest part of most small toolboxes? Right again. It's the latch. Many, if not most, small boxes have questionable latches that seem to threaten failure even when the box is new. It's a plastic on plastic over lip sort of thing that barely engages. With a little wear and tear or a bit of inadvertence,  pop goes the toolbox.

I wandered the hardware aisles of Walmart recently, looking for a nice, small toolbox to replace a broken one. Most of the boxes were way too large. A few of them had good latches, but others had metal versions of the easy-pop design found so commonly. Those boxes in the size I wanted all had the easy-pop design.

Undaunted, I left hardware for the sporting goods aisles, where I found the Plano 620130 tackle box. It has a failproof latch with a metal bail that makes a very solid closure. The hinges will probably fail before the latch.


  • Light weight empty. It's amazing how many toolboxes are heavy when empty.
  • Rust proof plastic
  • Two lid compartments for small parts. Get access without the need to open the box.
  • One hinged tray rotates up and back with the lid. Extra dividers for custom sizing of compartments
  • Handle and hinge connections appear to be all plastic without metal reinforcement.
I will put this box into service immediately and will report use experience in an update soon.