Sunday, March 17, 2019

Channellock GLS-3 Griplock Plier Set Review

I've been using Channellock tools (needle nose pliers, wire cutters, linesman's pliers, and water pump pliers (aka slip joint wrenches) for about 50 years. They are excellent in quality, design, and usability. They are my go-to tools.

While watching a repair show, noticed some repairmen recommending Knipex pliers for their grabbing ability. The guys were salivating over them because of their ease of use and quality German manufacturing. So I did a little research and discovered that a set of three 7, 10, and 12 inch pliers is about $90 on Amazon. Then I discovered on YouTube some video reviews for Channellock pliers, a set of 6, 10, and 12 inch pliers for $29. I love the design, with the angled head and the cut jaws that allow an unslippable grip on bolts and nuts.

So I ordered the Channellock set. The pliers are an amazing bargain and they are lighter than the old, flat jawed versions. The pliers are very well made (in the USA), and they feel great in my hand. Like the Knipex models, the Channellock pliers feature the cut jaws that allow a positive grip on angled work. Grab one of these and you can imagine removing that water pressure reducer, tightening that air hose coupler, or installing the new shower head in the bathroom.

I like these so much that I'm thinking about ordering a second set, for jobs where it is necessary to have two pliers on a tightening or loosening job.

Highly recommended.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Beware of Avas Flowers--Why I Will Never Use Avas Flowers Again

I was totally fooled and conned by the Avas Flowers web site, from beginning to end. I wanted to send someone flowers from a local florist in Garden Grove, California, so I googled "Garden Grove Florist" and the "Avas Flowers Garden Grove" web site came up. This is the first deception. There is no Avas Flowers in Garden Grove, California. The Avas company simply displays a fake web site with the name of the city that the searcher typed in added in. So if you searched for "Tustin Florist" you'd get a fake web site with the logo "Avas Flowers Tustin" displayed. It turns out that the Avas company is just another flower drop shipper like 800Flowers or ProFlowers. Avas is just an order taker that forwards the order to a real florist nearby the city you choose, adds a substantial markup and lets you pay them.

The second deception was in the offer of "Free Delivery." When my order was completed, the final billing screen said "Delivery: Free" but there was a $15 "Handling Fee" added on, which was not disclosed until the last moment. Can you imagine, "Free oil for your oil change [but there's a $100 pouring fee]"?

The third deception was the size of the bouquet. On the selection screen, I chose a bouquet labeled $43. When I went to the next page, there was a "Choose the size" option, with the radio button preselected on a more expensive size. The choices all appeared the same on the screen, so it was not clear how big a bouquet I was choosing.

Deceptions four was that I paid extra for a "large greeting card." The bouquet was delivered with half a sheet of plain, folded paper, no cardstock, no envelope, and the words broken in half at the ends of the lines.

Deception five was that I chose three balloons at extra cost. The bouquet was delivered without balloons.

The $43 bouquet was about the size of a $30 bouquet elsewhere, and with the extras and "handling fee" added, cost me about $80.

Caveat emptor: buyer beware.

"Free delivery from Avas Flowers of  Garden Grove." Yeah. Right. And did I mention that was with a claimed "online only" discount of 45%?

That's what I get for clicking on an ad in the search results. Not anymore.