Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Your Mileage May Vary

I recently got an RCA 1450 amplified digital antenna for a friend's use on a TV. The idea of getting over-the-air TV programming without  any cable bills was sweet. Just as a test, I hooked the antenna up to a TV in my house. The TV could detect no channels, zero channels, no matter how I positioned the antenna. I tried it without the amplifier, too, as recommended. Still zilch.

So is the product no good and should I write an indignant, negative review?

I took the antenna to the place where my friend is staying and hooked it up. Now, even though the TV is 60 miles from the TV aerials of the TV stations, the antenna pulled in more than 70 channels. A few were sketchy but most were clear and colorful.

So is the product excellent and deserving an award?

Negative reviews of products, with claims "it doesn't work," when found among reviews with five star ratings, makes me think that owner error is more likely than product defect or low quality.

How and when and where you use an item can make a difference in your judgment of the item's quality and functionality.

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