Saturday, January 17, 2015

ShaveMate Titan 6 All-in-One Disposable Razor Review

For a great, close shave and the convenience of built-in shaving cream for vacation or business travel, you might want to consider the ShaveMate Titan 6.

I have always thought that more than two blades was a gimmick in razors, because my experience with 3, 4, and 5 bladed disposables was not good. Those razors scraped and dragged and then clogged, making it difficult to clean them. The six blades of the Titan 6, however, are quite a bit narrower than  the blades of the other disposable razors, and they are seemingly made of higher quality steel. If you shave everyday, you'll get a close, smooth shave and an easy-rinsing blade set. If you wait a couple of days to shave, you'll have a bit more skritchy shave, but ultimately still nice and close. The longer hairs do produce a bit of blade clog, however.

The shaving cream in the handle truly is "thick, rich" stuff, as the package says. It's the best shaving cream I've used in quite awhile. The downside is that, while the package says you'll get enough shaving cream for "a week or more," I got only four days' worth. However, it is likely that I am in the habit of using too much of the more watery stuff  I usually use. (That's probably why it comes in such a big can.) So, by carefully proportioning the amount of shaving cream you dispense, it is possible to get a week's worth from the razor.

After four shaves, I am still getting a smooth shave with the feeling that the blades are still sharp. My wife even commented that I managed to get the hair right under my nose shaved close, something that the other razors I've used weren't doing.

Price: A three pack of  Titan 6 razors is available on the company's Web site ( for $12 plus $3 shipping and  handling, making the razors $5 each. If you get 10 shaves from each razor, that's 50 cents per shave. By comparison, Harry's Razors sells 8 blades for $31, designed to last two months, which also comes out to 50 cents a shave. Also by comparison, Gillette ProGlide razors are about $5.75 each, A Schick Quattro handle and two blades is about $8, with disposables less. Costco recently offered 26 Gillette disposables for $20, implying that each razor was good for two weeks, making those 26 blades a year's supply. If one lasts for two weeks, that's about 5.5 cents per shave, nearly one tenth the price. So, all in all, the Titan 6, while not cheap, is within the ballpark of other premium razors.

Recommendation. The shaving experience is great, and the shaving cream, while it lasts, is superior. I would use the Titan 6 for a travel razor. My frugality makes me hesitate to make it a daily razor after the current, test model gets dull. I will be comparing various razors together with their costs in future reviews. So stay tuned.

Full Disclosure: I was given a sample of a Titan 6 by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.

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