Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maytag, Whirlpool Dryer Won't Tumble DE412 Repair

The symptoms were that the clothes didn't tumble even though the motor ran and the heating elements got hot. It didn't require Sherlock Holmes to conclude that we were faced with The Case of the Broken Dryer Belt.

Naturally, I watched a few YouTube videos about how to take apart the dryer and how to replace a broken belt. And then, having determined by visual inspection that the belt was indeed broken, I ordered a new one from Appliance Parts Pros.(This company's site, by the way, features many "how to repair it" videos. Very helpful.)

The videos showed how to put the new belt on by looping it around the drum and then fitting it around the motor pulley and the idler pulley--by reaching from the front of the machine. When the new belt came, it had similar instructions, with steps such as, "With your left hand, reach around near the fan and loop the belt over the motor pulley.  Then with your right hand, fit the belt around the idler pulley, etc. etc." These aren't exact words, but the task was impossible for my reach. And even if I could have reached, looping the belt around the set up by feel (you can't see back there) would have been a nightmare. I tried it. Worse, the diagram showing the belt path around the pulleys was a rear view, not a front view.

So after a few futile attempts at installing the belt per instructions. I decided to change solution paths. I looked in the back of the dryer, and, yes, it is true, there is a removable panel about 8" by 8" right where the motor and pulleys are. Removing this panel gave me access to the pulleys and made installing the belt very easy.

The test worked and now the dryer is in business again. Apparently, many Maytag and Whirlpool dryers, gas and electric, use this same belt and  have the same or similar belt paths around the motor and idler pulleys.

So, if  you have a broken belt, take a look at the back of the dryer for an access panel.

Maytag series 88, Model DE412 electric dryer broken belt repair.

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