Monday, November 10, 2014

Maytag MGDC300XW3 Gas Dryer Review

With Southern California Edison's punitive electric rates (the more you use, the much higher per-kilowatt-hour rate you pay), I finally decided to retire my old (1985) Maytag electric dryer, since it seemed to be slowing down, and get a gas dryer instead of electric.

The unit I chose is a Maytag MGDC300XW3.

What I like about it.
1. It works well
2. It's a Maytag, so it should last. The promo said it has "commercial quality" parts.
3. It has a huge capacity.
4. It has several ways to operate (timed, automatic, etc.)
5. You can turn off the end-of-cycle buzzer if you want.

What I don't like about it.
1. At the end of the cycle, the dryer starts up again every few minutes and runs for a few seconds, allegedly to prevent wrinkles. I suppose this is a nice feature, but if you run the dryer and go to bed, the start-stop cycle is quite annoying, and there is no way to prevent it from running. (And if you inadvertently left the buzzer on, you get a buzzer noise each time.
2. When the heat turns on and off during the drying cycle, the gas valve or solenoid controlling the gas snaps quite audibly.

Generally speaking, the MDGC300XW3 is functional and reliable. If your laundry room is far from your bedroom, such as in the garage, or if you don't start the dryer and then go to bed, this could be an attractive choice.

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