Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pisen 7500 mAh Hand Warmer and Power Bank Review

Many people have cold hands, especially in the winter. One solution that's been around awhile is the battery-powered hand warmer. These don't emit smoke or odor like the "old-fashioned" ones that operate on lighter fluid. They come in various sizes, based on the amount of battery power they have. A standard entry is the 2500 milli Amp hour size. This review covers the Pisen 7500 mAh size, which I bought hoping it will heat for the 3-4 hours claimed. Included with the unit are a very short USB cable, a printed manual written in partial Chinese-English, but no sock. (Many warmers include a sock to insulate the user a bit from the substantial heat the warmers produce. I'm rushing this review now because some of the reviews on Amazon suggested that the unit doesn't work. After I charged the unit up to 100% (in just a couple of hours), I pressed the "Hot" button and nothing happened. At first, I wondered if the reviews were right. I had read through the owner's manual twice, but couldn't find out how to turn it on. After a very careful third reading, I came across a sentence that said you have to PRESS AND HOLD the Hot button for one and a half seconds to turn on the warming function. Same to turn off the warmer. Pressing and holding turns on a little orange light and the warmer works. So far so good. More later.

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