Monday, June 11, 2018

Screw Removal Pliers Engineer Neji-saurus RX PZ-59 8-inch Linesman Pliers

I love getting packages from Amazon, so when I hear that one has arrived, I always run downstairs to get it. When I picked up the package containing these pliers, my wife asked, "What did you get?" When I told her, she suppressed a scoff, but had that look on her face that said, "Don't  you already have a dozen or  two pliers?" So I explained the screw removal feature briefly and showed her the tool. She was, um, polite.

So I went the the workshop, where, thankfully, I found my Channellock 8 1/2" Linesman pliers. I grabbed my drill driver and sank a sheet metal screw in to a small, scrap piece of 2x4, and brought everything to my wife. First, I gave her the Channellocks and told her to try to remove the screw. She asked, "Why don't you just use a screwdriver?" I explained that we were supposing the head had been stripped out. So then she tried to grab the screw head with the pliers. They kept slipping off, in spite of the fact that the Channellocks have a cross-hatched face instead of a series of horizontal ridges, as do most lesser linesman's pliers.

Next, I handed her the Engineer RX PZ-59 pliers. Immediately she got a grip on the screw head and began to twist it out. We were both impressed.

Now, Channellock has always been my reference standard for pliers (needle nose, water pump [aka slip joint], nippers, linesman) because they have always been the very best. However, these PX-59s are replacing my Channellock linesmans in my tool box.

+ curved, vertically slotted indentation in the mouth for gripping and removing screws
+ inter-meshed side teeth for gripping thin workpieces
+ wire cutter
+ unadvertised crimp area behind plier head
+ non-slip-off plastic molding on  handles
+ carbon steel with HRC58-62 hardness
+ approximately 7 3/4" long
+ max jaw opening at tip of mouth 1 1/8"
+ made in Japan

I am always enthusiastically stripping out the cheap Phillips head screws that accompany all those "some assembly required" items we keep getting. So it goes without saying that this item is a must have for me.

Highly recommended.

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